100% Money Back Guarantee is for Silane Siloxane preventing the capillary action of rising damp in masonry. Areas to be addressed will be outlined in your quotation.

Capillary action is the upward seepage of water through masonry from below.

There may be situations where external factors cause the rising damp to continue, like;

  • Render or other building products bridging the dampcourse.
  • Soil or concrete or other building products bridging the dampcourse.
  • Hydrostatic pressure (running water).
    • This can occur at a later date due to changes in the water-flow through the earth or structural changes around the building.
  • Other factors that will be made apparent to you in writing at the time of the work.
  • Damp smells and mould can be present in your house irrespective of if the rising damp has been fixed and is often not related to having water in your walls but due to the soil below your house being saturated with water and poor ventilation.

100% Money Back Guarantee is dependent on our assessment and by employing our services you are agreeing that if there is an issue after the original quoted work has been competed that has been clearly proven to be a result of our poor workmanship or oversight then we have 3x opportunities to come and rectify the situation before any refund may be issued. Each “opportunity for rectification” will be separated by a time of at least 2 months to allow time for the effects to be seen. Any two or more rectifications that have been done after the original job is compete that are within 2 months of the other are considered ONE opportunity for rectification.

This guarantee does not cover any continuing seepage of salts from the substrate as the salts can be present and have seepage from the masonry above the new dampcourse layer even after treatment has been competed. Salts which are still present in the substrate could in some rare cases become wet again due to very long periods of rain (heightened moisture in the air) or flooding which could cause further damage to finished surfaces and substrates.

For the proper removal of salts from the substrate a cocoon process can be undertaken to extract any salts from the substrate which may be above the injected level of the dampcourse.

Be aware that wet masonry dries at a rate of around 1″ (25mm) per month. Therefore if you have a block wall which is 100mm thick you could expect a four month drying time for the existing masonry above the new dampcourse.

Commercial customers and new builds are excluded from the money back guarantee.